Digital Snapshots - May




The ‘Going Digital’ program, which has been an integrated element of the Bilingual Program for years now, has been a huge help in the digital switchover. Thanks to this, the children in our program have hands on experience with digital tools and applications, which can be used for educational goals as well!






In our experience, every subject can be transposed to digital platforms. You can see our native English teacher  painting with the children in this art class!




Although kindergartens have closed, our native English kindergarten teachers have been sharing daily educational videos they made themselves on a closed Youtube channel from the first week on. This unique way has allowed them to maintain a connection with the children.  






By the third week of the digital switchover, the schedule had been established: the children followed the timetable created for the digital learning period, in agreement with the partner institutions.


In the elementary schools the children have both bilingual, co-taught and monolingual online English classes. In addition, the small tutorial sessions and the short, personal consultations for 4-8th graders ensure the opportunity for middle school children to practice direct communication.





During these past few weeks everyone has had to move from the classrooms to digital platforms. In the notes to follow we will show you the steps of the transition and share snapshots of the Bilingual Program's nem digital everyday life!


We would like to congratulate the students, teachers and parents for successfully overcoming the obstacles of digital learning during the first few weeks! This is how we could reach our goal to be able to maintain direct student-teacher communication, to use a unified system in all of our partner institutions and to find the optimal workload for the children. 


In some of our partner institutions we use Zoom or Microsoft Teams, for which both the Bilingual Program teachers and their partner-teachers received training on how to use these platforms. 

The Europe2000 Middle School has been working in Teams since day 2 of digital learning and has been sharing materials and holding live classes ever since.