Qualified teachers

Bilingual considers it critical to employ only teachers who are native speakers of English or, on occasion, balanced bilinguals. Our teachers may be specialized in Teaching English as a Foreign Language or in Primary or Secondary Education, and in many cases both. Our Upper Primary teachers are also subject-specialized. This range of background, training and experience allows our staff to employ the full range of approaches and techniques the success of our program is based on. Also, by employing only native speakers of English, and making consistent use of TEFL and CLIL methodology, we can ensure that our students experience the English language not as a school subject but rather as a natural tool of communication, simply a part of everyday life.

Continuous training opportunities

We also believe in developing our employees in order to help them excel in the unique teaching environment this public-private partnership has brought into being. Thus we offer orientation to all our incoming teachers as well as year-round in-house observation and training opportunities. In addition, our Head of Education and Team Leaders coordinate with our External Trainer to provide workshops and observation/feedback sessions several times a year. We believe this provides a means to further professional development for individual teachers as well as an ever-higher quality of service delivery for our program.

Our Teachers