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Job title:

English Kindergarten, Primary, Middle and High School Teacher/Teaching Assistant


Budapest, Hungary

Start date:

August 5, 2019

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+36 30 625 1600

Job Description:

Would you like to become part of our highly dedicated team of professionals working in one of our partner institutions in Budapest and nearby Budakeszi?


About us:

We are a private, non-profit bilingual education program. We implement our innovative and progressive program as part of a public-private partnership at a range of Hungarian state and private schools.


About you:

  • You are a native speaker of English or a balanced bilingual
  • You have experience working with and a love of young children, middle schoolers and/or high school students
  • You are hard-working, outgoing, innovative and creative
  • You are able to form good relationships with students, colleagues and parents
  • You are able to work as part of a team but are also independent, self-starting and highly motivated
  • You are highly adaptable and solution-focused
  • You are also ready to navigate differences in culture flexibly and with an open mind


Ideally, you have one or more of the following:

  • a degree in teaching
  • a government-issued teaching certificate
  • certification in TEFL
  • extensive experience in the classroom, ideally with one or more of the age groups we teach

Consideration will be given if you have other appropriate qualifications.


We offer:

  • a competitive salary
  • a challenging and rewarding work environment
  • the chance to work with a sizeable staff of fellow English speakers
  • year-round training opportunities and opportunities for advancement


Find out more at


Be part of our growing and unique organization!



Approximately 1250 USD / 1000 GBP per month including housing

Benefits, Support and Signature Differences:

What does offer that makes this program different?

(1) We provide professional development training opportunities at multiple points throughout each school year, starting with in-depth orientation and training in August prior to the start of school. We work with top teacher trainers, from within Hungary, the UK and further afield.


(2) We offer an innovative approach to teaching, including the interactive and communicative approach favored in EFL environments as well as Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) in our subject lessons at all grade levels and in the kindergarten. As such, we co-teach: teachers hold lessons jointly and alternate in the leading role, switching languages throughout the course of the lesson. Students thus study simultaneously in both English and Hungarian. We are also innovating in terms of technology in teaching, integrating various online learning platforms into our program and making extensive use of tablets in our primary and high school classrooms.


(3) Our program also offers the chance to work alongside highly experienced Hungarian teaching professionals, whose knowledge and expertise are part of our program’s offerings to our staff members. We work very closely with our co-teachers, so we can learn a tremendous amount from them as we go along.


(4) For all these reasons we believe offers unrivaled opportunities for development. We hope – and believe – that working in our program will allow for both rapid and broad professional development as well as the personal growth that comes out of taking on a challenge and becoming part of a tightly-knit teaching team and a truly unique learning environment.


Is there enough support for new teachers?

In addition to the intensive run of August orientation and training and the additional annual visits from our external trainers, teachers can count on their school-based Team Leaders for a range of support. We also gather and share teaching material in our shared Materials Drive and hold regular sharing sessions so staff can learn from each other in the best tradition of the teaching community.


What about outside the classroom? How much support is there?

Our staff support system includes: (1) an in-school coordinator, who handles all administrative matters related to the teacher’s assigned school; (2) a central office staff who support teaching staff on a range of more general administrative details; (3) an HR manager, also in the central office, who guides staff through immigration procedures and also handles all housing-related matters, medical visits and work-related papers and procedures; (4) for first-year teachers a mentor from among the more experienced staff to help with getting used to life in Hungary; and, last but not least, (5) supporting material designed to help with life in Hungary, including documentation on culture shock and on medical care in Hungary.


About our organization:

What is the Program?

We are a private, non-profit, tuition-based educational enterprise operating in Hungarian state and private educational institutions. As such, we are a public-private partnership that has been providing unique educational opportunities to hundreds of families in Hungary since 2001.


What does teach?

We operate our nationally accredited program in four primary schools, one high school and two kindergartens in Budapest and its environs. Our primary school program encompasses 1st through 8th grade and involves nearly every subject in the curriculum, making it possible for teachers of diverse backgrounds to draw on their training and experience and deliver quality teaching to students aged 6 to 14. Our high school program, which begins in Grade 5 and currently runs up through Grade 9, mirrors our primary school program in method and content. In our kindergarten program, children aged 3 to 6 are immersed in a bilingual environment using the 'one person, one language model'. Within this context, we provide high-quality early childhood education in English through play and everyday situations as well as set activities, resulting in successful language acquisition from a very young age.

How to apply:

E-mail your CV and cover letter to

Or visit our stand at the Careers Fair April 2-5, 2019 in Liverpool at the 53rd International IATEFL Conference!