We prepare for Cambridge English Qualifications

We are excited to share that our Bilingual Program has been recognized by Cambridge Assessment Test Center and granted permission to use their logo starting in 2022. Our focus on preparing students for Cambridge exams is a source of pride and this recognition is a testament to our students' and faculty's hard work. We are committed to providing a top-quality education that prepares students for success on the global stage.



Bilingual uses University of Cambridge English Language Assessment tools in order to externally benchmark the performance of its students. Cambridge English Language Assessment is the premier provider of English language exams for speakers of other languages globally, with meticulously well-prepared exams and preparation material for learners of all ages (from as young as seven or eight years old up through adulthood). There is no better way to measure the success of a bilingual education program than through these assessment tools.


We begin testing our students at the end of second grade with a three-year series of Young Learners Exams that are especially designed for children in this age group. Then starting in fifth grade we begin the For Schools series (once again comprised of exams specifically tailored to the relevant age group), finishing with the FCE For Schools B2 level language exam at the end of eighth grade.


Preparation is carried out on a continuous and integral basis as the school year progresses, which is to say that language development takes place in all subjects and in all lessons as part and parcel of the Bilingual program. Still, English language and literature lessons and afternoon tutorials provide more intensive language learning opportunities. In addition, one lesson out of the weekly five English language lessons is devoted to the use of Cambridge exam preparation material and to running mock exams to prepare the students for the format of these standardized assessments.


Finally, in late spring, our teachers run a final mock exam – under strict testing conditions – to ascertain how well each grade of children is doing. Concomitantly, one-on-one or paired speaking exams are conducted in April and May in English language lessons and tutorials.


More information on this topic can be found in the following document:


How Do We Use Language Exams as a Comparison Tool? Description_Language_Exam_201403_EN


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