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The Bilingual English-Hungarian Bilingual Education Program is operated by:

Bilingual Nonprofit Kft.
  •   Address: 1037 Budapest, Bokor street 15-21, 2nd floor 33.
  •   Tax number: 13981044-2-41
  •   Phone: +3630 625 1600
  •   E-mail: [email protected] , [email protected]
  •   Postal address: 1300 Budapest, Pf.: 296

Questions regarding enrollment or change of schools:
Do you have questions related to invoices and finances?

We respond in writing to questions about accounting, finances, and settlements.

This is in the interest of both parties because:

  • Traceability is crucial; it should be documented in writing so that it can be (re)read at any time.
  • Identifiability is equally important; handling sensitive, confidential data is thus quick and secure.


Please familiarize yourself with the following documents beforehand:


You can ask your specific question here:


Thank you for your cooperation!

If you would like to send a question or comment directly to management, please contact:


Our work is overseen by the Supervisory Committee. Its members are:

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Contact form

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