Our work has been awarded a “marketing diamond” once again!

Our application for the Marketing Diamond Awards, the most important marketing competition for small and medium-sized enterprises in Hungary, has been awarded a marketing diamond!


By winning this award founded by the Hungarian Marketing Association, the Bilingual Program has once again been honored with a diamond trademark; at the same time we were included in the Diamond List for the second time, among companies with successful applications from the last three years.


Last year’s competition, where we also earned a diamond, presented the Bilingual Family Day. Our 2020 application was entitled: Trust in Times of Uncertainty: Digital Distance Learning in the Bilingual Program.


In it, we showed how in the spring of 2020 we transitioned almost overnight from in-person education to digital distance learning, from kindergarten to high school, in our partner institutions, for about 1,100 students. It means a lot to us that our work has been recognized by renowned professionals working in other fields.


We are very grateful to the 70 native English-speaking teachers of the Bilingual Program and our support staff, as well as to the more than 100 Hungarian-speaking co-teachers in our partner institutions for their dedication and hard work, the great results of which have now been recognized by this excellent professional body. And thank you to the parents of the children for believing in us and sticking by us ever since!





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