The Bilingual Book and Story Writing Project and Competition Are About to Start!

Dear Parents,


We're thrilled to announce the launch of the Bilingual Book and Story Writing Project and Competition intertwined with learning! 


Back in December, we hinted at the anticipated start of the project. For those who missed it, you can catch up here:

Bilingual Book and Story Writing Competition 


How will the project unfold?


  • All 1500 students in the Bilingual Program will participate. From the little ones to the older children, enthusiastic writers or illustrators, everyone in every age group stands a chance to get their work featured in the Bilingual Book with their story or artwork! 
  • The work and learning involved in getting to the competition will take place mostly in English classes and kindergarten groups during school time, led by native English-speaking Main Class Teachers and kindergarten Main English Teachers, respectively.
  • The Bilingual Book Committee has prepared specialized material based on age and language level which teachers will implement over several sessions so that every child can develop their creativity, writing and/or art skills, and their English - ensuring the creation of the most imaginative entries possible! 
  • The competition itself will start when the best developed entries are given to the juries by the Main Class Teachers. The juries will then decide upon the winning entries, which will then go into the Bilingual Book.


How will the selection process work?


  • The Main Class Teachers will select the completed work to forward to the Bilingual Book Committee juries.
  • The Bilingual Book Committee will sift through the many creative submissions, while the jury will eventually choose winners in each age group to be featured in the Book.


What are the themes of the competition?


  • The themes will vary by age group and your child's Main Class Teacher will provide some insights into the task in their Open Door emails.


What happens after the selection?


  • We will notify you via email about the results of the Bilingual Book and Story Writing Competition at a later date.
  • The Bilingual Book will be published by the Grand Bilingual Book Ceremony!
  • The top writers and illustrators will be VIP guests at the Grand Bilingual Book Ceremony at the Bilingual Family Day in September 2024!


The Bilingual Book Committee, composed of native English-speaking teachers, is very much looking forward to seeing the students' creations!