The house events were really exciting and we have learned a ton of useful information in every single subject that will never be forgotten.

Cambridge examiner, British Council

Welcoming staff, and above all such a high standard of English among the kids, as well as the fact they all seemed positive and motivated. A great impression indeed!


Therefore I would like to thank you for all the help and support you gave me in those 8 years I have been studying in your class. I certainly think that without your help I wouldn't have reached so far.


The school and your program is so great I couldn’t imagine my daughter going to any other school.


The methodology is very effective, my daughter absorbs language like a ‘sponge’ and most importantly she enjoys every minute of the class.


Dear Bilingual Team! I would hereby like to share with you how smoothly Katinka Süle and László Süle have adapted to different American middle schools


I am very proud, happy and satisfied, and as we have said so many times before, choosing the Bilingual Program 12 years ago was the best decision we ever made! :)