Gift Games in the Classroom/Group Room!

Gift Games in the Classroom/Group Room!


We are always on the lookout for creative ways to enhance the English language skills of our Bilingual Program students. That's why each school class/kindergarten group in the Bilingual Program has received a fantastic, age-appropriate, English and language-friendly (board) game! 


Why Games?

Games are a fantastic tool for language practice in a lively and entertaining way! We believe that learning should be fun, and what more enjoyable way to practice English than through games?


When can students play?

These games are intended for use with Main Class Teachers and other Bilingual teachers in the classroom, providing a unique opportunity for students to practice English in a relaxed setting. Whether during breaks, events, or the holiday season, these games offer an exciting chance for students to further develop their English language skills outside traditional lessons.


Spread the Joy!

The gift games have been delivered to each class/group by their teachers.  They can embrace the holiday spirit by playing these engaging games and fostering a love for learning English!