Gréta is in her third year with Bilingual and is currently Budakeszi Coordinator.


Working for Bilingual as a coordinator will, I’m sure, always be a memorable part of my life. There is nothing repetitive about the job. Each day brings different challenges. Meeting these challenges is not the only thing that gives me a great feeling of success – but also the fact that I am instrumental in maintaining an inspiring and safe atmosphere for the children, their parents and for our colleagues, too. Doing my job in a culturally diverse group requires that I approach problems from different viewpoints. Sometimes these problems are difficult ones, but with the support of other colleagues, finding the best solution is never a problem. I am very grateful for the opportunity Bilingual has given me to develop and improve my skills as a coordinator, which would not have been possible without the feedback from my supervisors. I am happy to be a part of the Bilingual family!

Gréta Dóka-Ébert