Our Philosophy

We believe first and foremost in a bilingual learning environment based on a bilingual family model wherein students live, learn and acquire both languages and both cultures simultaneously. Moreover, we see teaching and learning as a cooperative enterprise – grounded in CLIL/ESL methodology – in which students and teachers work together to build an age-appropriate, enjoyable, and interactive learning environment.

ertekeink1 CLIL: Content and Language Integrated Learning
ESL: English as a Second Language

Our Vision

To bring students to a near-native level of English.

Our Mission Statement

We are committed to cultivating a challenging and stimulating bilingual learning environment, fostering in our students a passion for learning and creative thinking, and ultimately forging a multitude of future opportunities for our children.

Szoloto Bilingual Educational Non-Profit, Ltd. is a K-8 education company operating a Hungarian Ministry of Human Resources accredited bilingual education program in 3 public primary/middle schools and 2 kindergartens in Budapest, Hungary as part of a non-profit education enterprise. Our program features native speakers of English co-teaching with Hungarian counterparts in a tightly integrated pedagogical system that brings Hungarian children forward in their use and knowledge of English by several years compared to their counterparts in standard bilingual programs. Most of our teachers are recruited by The Central European Teaching Program, according to an interstate agreement between USA and Hungary. Our program is overseen not only by the Ministry and school principals – and our own staff – but also by a Supervisory Committee, 75% of which is composed of current program parents.

What makes the program special is our co-teaching model: similarly to bilingual family models, a native Hungarian speaker and a native English speaker teach lessons together, providing an environment rich in English language and culture five days a week. Participants in the program are also provided other opportunities for deepening their English language use. Small group tutorials in the afternoon, as well as seasonal events and camps provide further enrichment

Our goal is to bring our students to a near-native level of English. The ease with which students coming from abroad are integrated into the program, and the language skills of students who graduate from out program, demonstrate that for our students, foreign language is not primarily a subject but a natural communications tool.


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