Neil Wolstenholme

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Neil is a practicing artist and teacher.<In 1995 he received his first Degree from Heriott-Watt University, Edinburgh College of art with a B.A, in Design (3D design / Ceramics.In 2004 he completed an M.A, level degree in art teaching at secondary level from the Hungarian University of Craft and Design, Budapest.He has  held ceramic sculpture exhibitions and created architectural commissions in England, France, Belgium, Austria, Latvia, Hungary and Kenya.


I was born in Durham, England a while ago. Whilst studying at Edinburgh a very delightful Hungarian lady came into my life (she is also a superb artist). So it came to pass that I arrived at Ferihegy 1 in 1996. Since then we have lived around in different places, made public and private commissions and exhibited worldwide. The finest things we have made are two golden haired angels. My interests are fine wines, French cheese, science fiction, comic books, and animation.