English-Hungarian Bilingual Educational Program is unique because…

81. we provide native English speaking teachers, who bring not only their native language but also their culture with them;

2. the kindergarten program provides a solid foundation for successful achievement in school by building an extensive passive vocabulary;

3. our students attain the state-mandated depth of knowledge of the Hungarian curriculum – whereas students in other Hungarian schools may have trouble dividing their attention between co-teachers and communicating with native English speakers;

4. if moving abroad, students from our program have no problem at their new schools because of their skills in speaking, understanding, and using the English language – whereas incoming students from abroad may have trouble meeting the requirements of the Hungarian curriculum and catching up to their classmates

5. we develop – especially during the high school years – skills and competencies that help students successfully enter and progress through universities and colleges, whether in Hungary or abroad.

The program emphasizes compliance with all laws and regulations:

- in primary school, curricular (morning) target-language lesson hours must reach a minimum of 35% but no more than 50% of the total lesson load;

- lessons in grades 7 and 8 must be taught by trained specialist teachers

Our operation is completely independent of Szőlőtő Foundation:

We have purchased the exclusive license to the bilingual educational program that we operate.