Families who are interested in the Bilingual.hu Program are welcome to join the following events:


Európa 2000 High School:


Open day and open class with the participation of Bilingual.hu Program Primary School students:


2017. December 6th (Wednesday) 8:00

2018. January 11th (Thursday) 8:00


Európa 2000 High School Open Day:


2018. February 7th (Wednesday) 8:00


Parents meeting:


2017. December 6th (Wednesday) 17:00

2018. January 10th (Wednesday) 17:00

2018. February 7th (Wednesday) 17:00


For more information on Európa 2000 High School click here!


High Five English Club – Megyeri Úti Primary School:




Open class and parents meeting:


2017. December 4th (Monday) 16:30-17:00

2018. Mach 10th (Saturday) 8:00-10:00


Parents meeting:


2018. January 17th (Wednesday) 17:00

2018. February 14th (Wednesday) 17:00

2018. March 21st (Wednesday) 17:00

2018. April 11th (Wednesday) 17:00


For more information on the High Five English Club click here!


Partner Institutions in Óbuda



Krúdy Gyula Primary School

Óbudai Nagy László Primary School

Parents Meeting

2018. February 12th (Monday) 17:00

2018. February 15th (Thursday) 17:00

Prep course in English

2018. 2nd half of February

Open class and parents meeting

2018. February 20th (Tuesday) 9:00-12:00

2018. March 6th (Tuesday) 9:00-12:00

2018. February 16th (Wednesday) 9:00-11:00


Afternoon play date for incoming 1st graders

2018. February 20th (Tuesday) 16:00-17:00

2018. March 6th. (Tuesday) 16:00-17:00

2018. March 6th (Tuesday) 16:00-17:00

Playday and parents meeting:


2018.February 23d (Friday) 16:00-18:00


 Kindergarten open days and parent meetings will be held in the 2nd half of April in Daisy Kindergarten for those interested in our Kindergarten Program.


Budakeszi - Széchenyi István Primary School


Open Day


2018. March 5th, 6th, 7th.



Enrollment: Contact form


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