Mike is in his tenth year with Bilingual and is currently teaching Grade 1.


I have been working with Bilingual for ten years. It is a reliable and friendly company where personal initiatives are highly valued and where management and co-workers work together hand in hand. The company is always doing its best to support individual teachers should they need help with professional challenges or any other issues pertaining to their lives. Although there is a fairly well-defined curriculum that we follow, there is always a place for you to add your personal touch to teaching, and not only is it allowed, but it’s actually encouraged. Because we co-teach most of the subjects with our Hungarian partners, you can usually work in to your lessons what animates you, whether it’s medieval history, computer science, the life of fire ants or virtually anything else that makes you tick. So with Bilingual you will surely be able to pass on to your students what you feel passionate about.

The company is constantly growing: not only in size, but also in quality of teaching and working conditions. I've felt and experienced a strong and supportive ambition from management spending time, money and energy on bettering teachers' lives and professional conduct through training, professional development courses and social events. 

But I guess the most convincing proof that it’s a great place to work is that I am still working with them, in spite of the fact that I have been offered numerous other positions at many different reputable schools in Hungary.

Mike Fülöp