'Dear English Teachers,


Thank you very much for teaching us these past years.

Thank you for your efforts, devotion and kind care of us.

You always made sure our classes were interesting and it was truly a joy to be your student each and every day. 

We had so much fun during your classes!

We loved playing interactive games on the tablets and you always brought great spirit and lots of smiles to our classroom.

The house events were really exciting and we have learned a ton of useful information in every single subject that will never be forgotten.

Special thanks for organizing the Dutch-Hungarian student exchange program. It was an excellent opportunity to practice our communication skills and we made a lot of new friends.

Thank you for preparing us well for the Cambridge language exam which we successfully passed.

Last but not least thank you for your never-ending patience and overlooking our sometimes inappropriate behaviour. J

We will always be more than grateful to you all for the 12 wonderful years spent in the Bilingual Program and are very proud of our unique English skills.


We will highly recommend the Bilingual Program to the next generation!

Thank you All for the love, support, help and continuous encouragement we received from the very first day at the Kindergarten.'

Kristóf Noella & Sájer Adél