Kinga is in her second year with Bilingual and is currently teaching English, Science and IT.


Having taught English in South Korea for three years, I was ready for a change of scenery and most importantly to have a very prominent role in the classroom. From the beginning of the school year, I was given plenty of support from my Team Leader and Coordinator as well as my colleagues, who were carefully selected for a good dynamic work environment. Bilingual is different from other teaching programs since you have a support network within the school. Working with a Hungarian co-teacher was new for me, and in the beginning it was hard to figure out our class setup since we both have different styles of teaching, but persistence and patience paid off. Being a Bilingual teacher has given me the opportunity to take part in other school activities with my students such as going to the theater, street art tours, and escape rooms. Each of these activities enabled students to use their English outside of the classroom. As a Bilingual teacher, I have also been able to get to know my students really well since I spend a large amount of time with them: in class, in afternoon tutorials and at extracurriculars. I really appreciate the additional support that I have been provided while living in Budapest.


Kinga Szilagyi