Katie is in her fifth year with Bilingual and is currently teaching Grade 2.


When I first came to Bilingual in January 2016, I had few expectations. I had been living and teaching in Hungary for a few months already, but this would be a completely new experience. I had trained as a high school teacher, so I was rather nervous to start teaching 2nd grade for the first time! Nevertheless, I accepted the challenge and began teaching in for Bilingual in Budakeszi.

It took me no time at all to adjust to the new environment. It turns out that I love teaching younger learners! I found that I enjoyed having a main class that I saw every day (with Bilingual), instead of just once a week for a conversation lesson (at my previous school). I also enjoyed being able to recognize my students’ different strengths. Because the native English teacher is present in all subjects, you can truly get to know the students in a more all-around way. I grew to understand and know each of the children on a personal level. Due to such strong relationships, I found it so much easier and rewarding to teach my students. Most importantly, I was constantly motivated by witnessing their visible growth. It is so rewarding to actually see yourself making a difference.

Finally, I also love working with my Hungarian co-teachers and the company’s support staff. With the help of the coordinators, team leaders, and fellow native English teachers, there is a really strong community and support system. I thoroughly love living in Budapest, travelling in Europe, having adventures along the way. I certainly did not expect to stay so long with Bilingual in Hungary, but I am thrilled that I did. I have grown so much as an educator and have truly appreciated my time here.

Katie Schwebach