Freya is in her second year with Bilingual and is currently teaching English, Music and History.


         Making the decision to move to another country and teach was not one that I took lightly.  I knew that I wasn’t making a temporary decision, but an indefinite one, so I was determined to find a location and situation that I felt comfortable staying at long term. I am so happy to have found Bilingual. I can’t imagine working in a better environment, having more support, or loving my students any more than I do now. For one thing, Budapest is an amazing city, with a lot of opportunities.  There are so many ways to unwind after a long day or a particularly stressful week. Another of my favorite things about my position is that I am able to teach multiple subjects while furthering my students’ abilities in English.

         Life isn’t always perfect, and no job ever will be, either. But that’s exactly why I like working where I do. As soon as a problem arises, whether it’s with a co-worker, a student’s behavior, or just being stuck finding new ideas for lessons, I have an entire team around me, ready to jump in with support. All I need to do is ask or voice a concern, and I have the support of more people than I can count. There are teachers who have been working in our schools for years whom I can turn to for advice regarding my students or teaching practices. We have a whole host of teaching materials and resources at our disposal, along with regular development opportunities to really become the best teachers we can possibly be. Bilingual means community to me. It’s a community made up of our students and their parents, my fellow English teachers and other Bilingual staff, and our Hungarian co-teachers.

         I find myself to be incredibly fortunate to do a job that I love, teaching amazing young minds, in a city as beautiful as Budapest, with a group of co-workers as fun and supportive as they are.  This is an environment where I can be me, and where I can learn, grow, and thrive right alongside my students.

Freya Yskes