Emese is in her fifth year with Bilingual and is currently Krúdy Manager and Senior Coordinator.


I have been working as the Bilingual Program coordinator at our Krúdy Gyula Primary School location since 2015 and ever since I started I’ve felt like this job was meant for me.

What I most like about it is the people around me every day: the native English-speaking teachers with all the variety from all over the world and my coordinator and back-office colleagues, among whom I can even find friends I’ve known since my childhood.

The company provides me stability and reliability but also the opportunity for progress: I find the team to be open to new ideas (that I have a lot of all the time), and there is also space for personal improvement. I started to work as a coordinator and I soon became the senior coordinator and now I have even more responsibilities at my school as the manager.

I find the million things that I do interesting and diverse – running the day-to-day operations for the Bilingual Program at my school, getting a problem solved or making something neat and nice looking, organizing camps, chatting with colleagues, interpreting between Hungarian and English, etc. – being ‘in action’ is my thing.

I work closely with the native English-speaking teachers and I’d like to think that they can turn to me with any struggle and we can look for a solution together. I consider myself a practical type of person, which is exactly why I love being the every-day caretaker and organizer for Bilingual at my school!

Emese Nagy