I was very excited to join the Bilingual Program after working at an English international kindergarten for several years in Budapest. Being bilingual myself, I strongly believe in the program and its benefits and importance in the future of children.

For the first few months I worked in several groups at Daisy Kindergarten, which was a wonderful way to get to know and work together with different teachers and gain insight  regarding all age-groups. I instantly fell in love with everything about the Bilingual Program: the wonderful staff, who encouraged and motivated me through positive feedback  and endless support, and the concept of co-teaching within the Hungarian kindergarten curriculum, which is an outstanding, play-based learning system.

I have spent a good part of my life working with children, but I have never learnt so much as a person and as an educator as I did  during my time at Bilingual.

As Bilingual  expanded and the program was introduced at Colourful Kindergarten that same year, I was fortunate enough to have been entrusted with the role of  Main Teacher in the very first bilingual group, Bluebell. My co-teachers could not have been more supportive and helpful during my transition into the group. The respect and acceptance that was given to me by these experienced, brilliant teachers was unbelievable. I watched with eyes wide open every day and soaked up as much as I could  and became more and more confident and creative in my job.  

Starting little group was definitely challenging, these little ones have absolutely no English knowledge and are a little intimidated by the foreign language and the foreign person in the beginning. However, it is a huge honor to gain these children's’ trust and be a part of their growth both in language and in developing their personality throughout their kindergarten years. The strong bonds we built together have helped the children and myself in our growing and learning. I will never forget the pride I felt on watching my children perform verses, songs and plays after four years at their end-of-year graduation show. It is an experience of a lifetime and I am forever grateful to have had it!

It has been hard to stay away, even under such wonderful circumstances as maternity leave, and thankfully Bilingual has welcomed me back part time after one year away. I am eager to see the Program continue to blossom and to play a role in it!  

Bilingual is a wonderful place to work;  a place where I am passionate about the work itself, the great community and work environment, and most importantly, a place where I am appreciated and valued. And that, among other things, is what motivates me to do the absolute best that I can every day.

Dana Palojtay-Thiessen
Senior Teacher - Kindergarten