Cristina is in her second year with Bilingual and is currently teaching Science and English and serving as a Senior Teacher.


I had been teaching English abroad and in the USA for almost 10 years when I started looking for a new challenge. I found the Bilingual Program and was excited by the opportunity to be able to work and live in Budapest along with the chance to teach science in addition to English. Prior to becoming an English teacher, I had studied biology and worked in clinical research. Bilingual gave me the chance to work in both of my fields at the same time. I know that teaching science in a high school is a bit different to my old job, but I enjoy helping kids explore and learn more about science. Besides work, Bilingual helped me to find an apartment and get settled in with immigration, setting up utilities, etc. During orientation, we not only learned about the company and the courses we would teach, but I was able to meet both new and more experienced teachers as well as office staff and school coordinators. It’s definitely nice to start your time off in a new city and country meeting people to explore with who can help you out with any questions you may have. While this year has been a very busy, full-on year, I have enjoyed working at my school and with my Hungarian co-teachers.

Cristina Toledo