There's Only One You - Teacher Videos


In recent years, the Bilingual Family Day has provided a good opportunity for teachers, parents, and students to get to know each other better through joint games.


This year, instead of the usual event at the beginning of the school year, the children will take part in a project throughout the school year with their teachers, in which - due to the pandemic - we will involve you with the help of videos.


Uncertainty has increased around the world. In such cases, it is especially beneficial if one has a healthy self-esteem and knows what they are good at. We also want to strengthen this value in our students during the school year.


There’s only one you! – Belőled csak egyetlenegy van!


Let's start with the Bilingual Program teachers! They are introduced in the short videos below.

We hope students and their parents will enjoy them!



Százszorszép Óvoda

Színes Gyerekkert Óvoda


Óbudai Nagy László Magyar-Angol Két Tanítási Nyelvű Általános Iskola

Krúdy Gyula Angol-Magyar Két Tanítási nyelvű Általános Iskola


Széchenyi István Általános Iskola

Megyeri Úti Általános Iskola


Európa 2000 Gimnázium