Vinoshni Govender

Vinoshni hails from Durban, South Africa, where she is a nationally registered Teacher. A firm believer in Pedagogy and interactive learning techniques, she holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Education which she graduated with summa cum laude and received the Institution’s CEO award for best performing student of the year in 2021. In addition to this, she has a TEFL certification, supported by 3 years experience teaching English as a second language, and an undergraduate degree in Law from the University of Free State.


Vinoshni grew up with a strong familial background and follows the core tenets for kindness, optimism and respect in her daily interactions. An avid reader and hiker with an innate curiosity and regard for different cultural and historical backgrounds, she hopes to travel to as many places as possible to expand her worldview. She is excited that Bilingual offers her the opportunity to do so in Hungary, while allowing her to build on her current professional knowledge and experience.