Andy Yao

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Andy grew up in the USA and received his Bachelor’s of Science in Business
Administration in 2010. However, several years after graduating and working in the
aforementioned field, he discovered teaching to be a much better fit. This new career
choice led him to satisfy his longing to see the world, while simultaneously fulfilling his
need to better it.
In his hometown of New York City, Andy was surrounded by a great deal of diversity.
Now, travelling and living in new countries has allowed him to see firsthand the
peoples and cultures he was exposed to. Since leaving home in May of 2016 to teach
English, he has lived in five countries and has immersed himself in a couple of dozen.
This journey eventually brought him to Hungary, where he has been captivated by
Budapest and calls it home at the present.
Andy has always had an affinity for the arts and humanities, yet his thirst for
knowledge and practice in these areas is ever-growing. As there’s much overlap with
English language and literature, he incorporates these subjects into his teaching
whenever possible. He really enjoys working with young learners and their eager,
malleable minds, as well as their unbridled imaginations and innocent hearts. He’s
excited to be with for another year, and is looking forward to continuing
to develop as an educator.