Váradi 3b - SuperTmatik Competition


The following 12 children from my class participated in the SuperTMatik competition. It was a competition done via an app. They went through various stages competing against time limits and robots. In the Final stage they competed against children from all over the world and had to complete 15 math equations in the quickest time they could with only 3 attempts. I could not be prouder of these 12 children and their results. Out of 20 440 participants we had 3 placing in the top 100 and 7 in the 100s and 2 in the 200s. 


Ennath Rayan

Felföldi Márton

Hankó Milán Márk 

Juhász Eszter 

Koronics Patrik Márk

László Rebeka Janka

Nagy Orsolya 

Oláh Nóra

Oláh Tamás

Szobota Ábel

Tóth-Czirfusz Vilmos

Yolchuyev Atilla

Ms. Kelsey Becker