„There’s Only One You” Music Project


In the "There's Only One You!" project throughout the school year our native English-speaking teachers first developed the children’s self-esteem in English lessons, where students learned about Linda Kranz’s stories. This was followed by an artistic elaboration of the theme during art sessions/lessons with pebble fish painting. The theme inspired our Bilingual Program teacher, Joe Grassi, who composed a song and performed it with his co-teacher, Zoltán Pálmai, a music teacher at Európa2000 High School. The song was processed differently by the students of the Bilingual Program in the various partner institutions with their music teachers: some of them sang the song, some of them used musical instruments and yet others danced to the song.


Enjoy the videos!





There's Only One You - A song by Joe Grassi






Daisy and Colourful Kindergartens






Krúdy Gyula Angol-Magyar Két Tanítási nyelvű Általános Iskola






Óbudai Nagy László Magyar-Angol Két Tanítási Nyelvű Általános Iskola






Széchenyi István Általános Iskola






Megyeri Úti Általános Iskola






Európa 2000 Gimnázium