Smooth full-on digital education from the first week at Európa 2000 High School

Although the schools have closed, the Bilingual Program has not stopped! Despite the circumstances, and after a scheduled day off on Monday, Bilingual Program students at Európa 2000 High School continued their studies on Tuesday, March 17th right where they left off the previous Friday. Our teachers at Európa 2000 High School follow the bell schedule every day. Students attend class in front of their computers at home and have real-time lessons with their teachers via Microsoft Teams. Hungarian and native English-speaking teachers work as if they are in a regular classroom; whether it’s a Hungarian, an English or a co-taught bilingual lesson, they use a digital whiteboard, give PPT presentations, hand out assignments and answer students' questions. Students work individually and in groups, and some have already sent their first drawing project to the Bilingual Program’s Art teacher for grading. Our teachers continue to use Quizlet, Quizezz, Socrative and Kahoot, but other new applications may be introduced to the students in the near future.