A Short Summary Of the Results of Our Customer Satisfaction Survey

Thank you for your responses to our customer satisfaction questionnaire.  Based on your feedback we have already begun improvements, which  you can read about in the summary below:


But first a look at the numbers:

29% of families filled out our questionnaire in the spring of 2022, similar to previous years - thank you for taking the time to respond! Thank you as well for your honest feedback and support: 73% of respondents rated our service at 8 points or higher on a scale of 10.



Cambridge mock exam results of Grade 8 students:

Over the past 10 years, 76% of the students of the Bilingual Program have reached or even exceeded the B2 (upper intermediate) level on the Cambridge B2 First For Schools language exam. This complex exam measures 5 areas of language usage (reading comprehension, writing skills, listening comprehension, language use, and speaking skills). Our students' language skills also extend across a wide range of school subject areas, such as natural sciences, mathematics and history. In addition, as a result of many years of communication with their native English-speaking teachers, they show outstanding performance in the field of speaking skills. The Cambridge test system is therefore an important tool for monitoring English language development in the Bilingual Program, starting from 2nd grade, and the exam will be a familiar and natural part of the children's studies by the time of the official exam in higher grades.


For the families in the Bilingual Program our native English-speaking teachers and the high level of English language skills of our students are of highest value. To our great delight, the level of satisfaction at Krúdy Gyula and Megyeri Úti Primary Schools increased significantly compared to the previous year.


The respondents considered the following features of the Bilingual Program to be the most valuable:

  • Native English-speaking teachers 

  • Hungarian language development is also given 

  • Self-confident language use Good pronunciation

  • Practical education building on the child’s natural curiosity 

  • Different worldview and methodology of Bilingual Program teachers 

  • Bilingual Family Model / co-teaching 


In response to the feedback received about the special elements of the Bilingual Program, we have launched the following innovations in 2022-2023 school year:


Bilingual Reading Program:

The Reading Program is a recognized value in English language development among families, but it is necessary to increase students' motivation to read. To this end, we have introduced a "book tasting" where children consider 3-4 works of youth literature with their native English-speaking teachers, and then vote on what they would like to read in the coming semester. The first "book tasting" took place during the week of October 3rd, 2022 with great success. We hope that the students will be happier to do their reading week by week and will find greater enjoyment with the  book of their choice.


House system:

The practice of the English language outside kindergarten activities/school lessons in kindergarten and lower school grades is ensured by the all-day presence of native English-speaking teachers. The structure of higher grade levels - with students already taught by several specialist teachers in these grades - might be seen to offer fewer opportunities for contact with our teachers; however, our monthly house events with different themes give upper school students the opportunity to practice the language during extracurricular activities. Teamwork in a randomly assembled group is encouraged so that each student can add something to the team's output that is their strength - which will be very useful for students in their future studies and later work. To this end, a house captain appointed in each partner school organizes monthly house events in the afternoon. We are happy to see that this year’s 5th graders are enthusiastically participating in house events in large numbers!


News about kindergarten life:

According to your feedback, the parents of children attending our partner kindergartens miss regular information, and they would like to know more about what their child’s day is like at kindergarten. Therefore, starting this year, parents will have a chance to see a typical day in their child’s group in the form of a video, which they will receive in the second half of the school year. This will give further insight into how the children interact with the English teachers during everyday activities throughout the day. We will also extend the Open Door Newsletters sent out to the families at the end of each project containing information about events taking part in the child’s group, to include pictures and video snippets, and posts will also be regularly uploaded on our social media pages (Instagram, Facebook).


We sincerely hope that the results of the developments mentioned above will be reflected in our next customer satisfaction questionnaire. We are happy to receive your feedback if you experience changes as a result of the projects and improvements we have launched!