Outstandig results at the National English Poetry Competition!

Kapocs Hungarian-English Bilingual Primary School and the Bilingual School Association organized the National English Poetry Competition again this year, on December 4, 2019.


In this competition, lower school and upper school students compete separately, but depending on the number of competitors students could belong to multiple age groups. That was true this year, too.


We are delighted to congratulate the students of the Bilingual Program who have won the most significant prizes of the competition:


7th-8th age group - Winner: Amy Harary 7a, Krúdy

Poem: Refugee Blues by W. H. Auden

Teacher: Éva Dobosi-Csatári and Karah Smith (and of course her parents)


5th-6th age group - Winner: Sára Székely 6a, Krúdy

Poem: Sick by Shel Silverstein

Teacher: Hannah Magargel and Réka Liptai (and of course her parents)


1st-3rd age group - 2nd place: Milán Márk Hankó 2b, Váradi

Poem: My Shadow by Robert Louis Stevenson

Teacher: Stephanie Simon and Klára Tóth (and of course his parents)


To what extent did Amy Harary impress the jury?

Amy was asked by the jury to retell the winning poem for the complete audience. Although this was an unexpected request, Amy was happy to retell her poem, and the audience of 200 applauded her.


Congratulations to all participants and their teachers!