Green Team Projects 2018: Game of Waters and Water Day

The Green Team had a busy school year of 2017/2018: we once again promoted theme of REDUCE, REUSE, AND RECYCLE by weekly collecting and selecting trash with the help of bins all through Krúdy school. The 8a students educated their peers by presentations in all the classes of the school, from Grade 2-8 in English.


As a new project of the school year the Green Team surveyed 150 students as to their water bottle usage.  In the Game of Waters students took part in a blind taste test between tap water and popular bottled water.  The participants entered a raffle to win reusable water bottles. The 8a students built and decorated the display booth, generated the survey, and collected and processed the data during the last two weeks of the semester. The focus of the project was to prove that Budapest tap water is safe, tastes good, and drinking it out of reusable containers is a great way to decrease pollution.



Question 1: How many water bottles do you buy per month?

0-5:                 16%

6-10:               16%

11-15:             23%

16-20:              13%

More than 20:    32%


Question 2: Which water tastes best?

 53.3% Tap Water

21.4% Natur Aqua

25.3% Szentkirályi


Question 3: Which water is from the tap?

63.3% Correct answer

36.7% Incorrect answer


In the second semester we had three Water Day activities: blind taste test, speed droppers, and water pong. Beside the already known blind taste water test, students of the school could win candy by dripping water from one bowl to the other within a time limit, and throwing a ping-pong ball into a bowl of water from a certain distance. All participants had a good time!


We will be back next school year building awareness and responsibility with more Green Team activities!


Joe Grassi Green Team Leader


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