The closing week of the Erasmus + Digital Exchange Program was organized by Kliment Ohridski High School in Northern Macedonia, with the theme “Graphic Design in the Classroom”.


International teams of students worked together on online platforms, where they gained in-depth knowledge of graphic work in several steps over the course of the week. First, they learned the basics of how to analyze a graphic work based on typography, composition, and use of color. In short, what makes a visual good and functional.




This was also illustrated by case studies on examples that everyone brought from their own country.



With this theoretical knowledge, the teams chose their own theme and used it to design and jointly create thematic posters. They used Figma, a graphic editing tool that fully supports collaborative work. This created the opportunity for the continuous use of the English language. In addition to the exchange of cultural experiences on the topic, the technical terms also enriched their knowledge of English. Participating students selected the following posters as the best:






The one-and-a-half-year period of the Erasmus + Digital Exchange program ended this week. We plan to look for additional collaboration opportunities with our Dutch and Macedonian partners, which, in addition to travel-related programs, will include digital connections to transfer the most successful elements of the Erasmus + program to the classroom.


Thank you for the active participation of our students and the support of our partner institutions!