Digital Snapshots - June



Science classes were held during the remote teaching period, too. Moreover, students could see the experiments at closer range than is possible in a regular classroom environment!






Recently, the fifth and sixth graders from Váradi school went on a math scavenger hunt during class. They were tasked with finding various geometric shapes around their house (i.g. triangle, square, circle, cube, acute angle). Below you will find some of their creative photos with a description.


Swing - We think the scalene triangle is most unique. It is made out of air because it's a hole in the fence.


Leaf - It is a nature symmetry. It depicts a heart I think it is very outstanding and beautiful.​


Chewing gum - This beautiful photo of a gum is our favorite photo. We like it because it can change it's shape but still a solid. On the photo it’s a rectangle but when we chew it, it can be a sphere.


Hand - We think the most unique is the hand. We think no one thought of this one (acute angle).





The second annual Bilingual Dutch-Hungarian Student Exchange Program was scheduled for this spring, and it’s no surprise that the students were really looking forward to visiting Holland and also hosting the Dutch.


Although the students could not travel, on the 2nd of June we organized a ‘Digital Exchange’ in the form of a shared online activity. With the participation of one Dutch and three Hungarian schools, no less than 90 students were connected digitally - with the aim of getting to know each other’s culture and way of life during the recent lockdown.


Thus the students were able to meet their partners after all and share how their lives were affected by the current situation.







Kindergartens are open so the children can finally meet with their friends! In this transitional phase, until everyone re-joins their groups, those who remain at home still receive interesting videos in English. This way, they won’t miss anything, not even PE, for instance.