Cambridge B2 Mock Exam

Thirty-five eighth grade students from three partner schools sat the official B2 level Cambridge First (FCE) For Schools mock exam in mid-March of this school year, conducted in conjunction with the British Council. Out of those 35, 25 have earned a B2 result or higher on the mock exam. Three students earned a C1 level result on the mock exam. The qualifying score for B2 level is 160 and our overall average this year was 167 points, a solid B2 result. On the speaking component, our students did even better. Their average there was 182, a C1 level result – which is no surprise given that 23 of 35 students earned a C1 score on their speaking test. Congratulations to all the eighth graders!


Let’s remember that passing the Cambridge First (FCE) exam in eighth grade is an ambitious goal. A B2 level language exam is one of the requirements for graduating university in Hungary, so our students are well ahead of even those young people who manage this level at some point in high school. So we feel that these results are in fact very good and that the students should be very proud of their work!