Budakeszi - Kindergarten Survey

The Bilingual.hu Program has been operating at Széchenyi István Primary School in Budakeszi for many years. Acting on the basis of requests from Budakeszi residents, our goal is to launch the program at kindergarten level as well.


The Budakeszi Committee on Education, Culture & Health has called upon* the director of the Budakeszi Szívárvány Kindergarten to run a survey with the help of Szőlőtő Kétnyelvű Oktatási Nonprofit Kft to gauge interest for the program among local families. The survey is available via this link:


You can find further information on the Bilingual.hu Program HERE, and about the tuition fee HERE


(In case you have more than one child please fill out the survey multiple times)


* Decision 51/2018. (VI. 19.)