with native English-speaking teachers!


  • The common language in the camps is English – all day long!
  • ​Camp leaders are native English-speaking teachers who are also masters of their camps theme (teachers, dancers, coaches​, etc.)


Since the language of the camps is English, we recommend them for children who are learning English at​ a high level or are enrolled in a bilingual class at​ school.



Check-​in between 8am and 9am, check-out between 4pm and 4:30pm.

Meals: morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack.

C​amp fee: 43,000 HUF/week (​​Monday t​hrough​ Friday)

Early Bird discount: (41,000 HUF) student discount:  (41,000 HUF) student discount + Early Bird fee: (39,000 HUF)



By filling out the online application form at the bottom of this page.


Application deadline:

No later than two weeks before the start of each camp​ (depending on availability).

Early Bird registration by May 15, 2019.


We will issue a proforma invoice upon receipt of your application. Your registration for the day camp will be finalized by transferring a deposit of 10.000,- HUF and by filling out the application form. The deposit cannot be refunded. (The invoice is issued after the receipt of the payment, which is only possible in the name of the person paying.)



  “Hour of Code” Camp

  Ages: from children entering Grade 2 to children finishing Grade 5

  July 8-12, 2019  

  Camp Leaders: Ruth Senum and Esther Taylor 

  Location: Megyeri Úti Általános Iskola (1044 Budapest, Megyeri út 20.)  


The first-ever Hour of Code summer camp is coming to Bilingual! We will have an entire week to learn more about computer programming by exploring the game of Minecraft. We will look at various aspects of the game including the pixel and crafting in order to better understand how a game is made. Students will spend part of the day in the computer lab solving puzzles and writing code, and the other part of the day in enrichment activities involving outside games, crafts, and music.


Whether you are already a tech-savvy student or have always wanted to learn, everyone is welcome! Drama Camp

  Ages: from children entering Grade 2 to children finishing Grade 8

  June 17-21, 2019


  Camp Leaders: Katie Hubbard and Natasha Hill

  Location: Óbudai Kulturális Központ (1032 Budapest, San Marco u. 81.)


Are you interested in singing, dancing, or just being center stage? Do you dream of reaching the stars and of becoming one yourself?  If you said yes, then this drama camp is for you! invites you to the 2019 Summer Drama Camp.  We will have workshops, games and tons of fun activities themed around dramatic performance. Creative minds wanted for various roles, from set design/construction and stage hands to performers on set. Join for a week of fun with a play to end it all!!  Do you think you can learn the lines and play a role?  Or make costumes and set the stage? Bilingual’s Drama Camp is waiting for you!!


We will have roles for all ages and talents.  

The camp will end with a musical performance for the campers’ families on June 21st.

Students will perform an American Classic.


We look forward to seeing you as the big star you are!!!


  American Sports Camp

  Ages: from children entering Grade 3 to children finishing Grade 7

  July 1 to 5, 2019


  Camp Leaders: Mark Taylor and Esther Taylor

  Location: Krúdy Gyula Primary School (1037 Budapest, Gyógyszergyár u. 22-24.)


If you like to move and enjoy trying lots of different sports and games, then come to the American Sports Camp! We will learn to play mainly American sports, and if you happen to know them, you can further develop your skills to enjoy them more when we play.


There will be flag football (non-contact American football), kickball, ultimate frisbee, volleyball, basketball, capture the flag, dodgeball, table tennis, and so much more!


On Friday afternoon, the children will get a chance to show off their skills in one of the featured sports in front of their parents, tournament-style.


“Lookout Cookout” Cooking Camp - FULL

Ages: from children entering Grade 2 to children finishing Grade 7

July 8 to 12, 2019


Camp Leaders: Carla Liebenberg and Morgan Ware

Location: Megyeri Úti Primary School (1044 Budapest, Megyeri út 20.)


Calling all Chefs!


Grab your aprons and roll up your sleeves, because you’re invited to come and have some fun with food. Yes, you heard us right: you’re going to cook, eat, play and be creative with all things food. Prepare yourself for taste tests, games, cook-offs, arts and crafts, and so much more.


Get ready to add:

  • a handful of friends
  • 3 cups of fun
  • a pinch of creativity
  • a dash of memories
  • and a spoonful of learning.


So put your culinary thinking caps on for a delightful and exciting cooking camp. See you there!