Bilingual Summer Day Camps 2020


with native English-speaking teachers!


The common language in the camps is English – all day long!

Camp leaders are native English-speaking teachers, who are also masters of the​ir camp’s​ ​theme (subject teacher​s​, coach​es​, etc.)


Since the language of the camps is English, we recommend them for children who are learning English at​ a higher level or ​are enrolled ​in a bilingual class ​at​ school. Registration advantages apply to children studying in the Bilingual Program.

Check-in is between 8am and 9am, check-out is between 4pm and 4:30pm.

Meals: morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack.

Camp fee: 46,000 HUF/week

For Bilingual Program students: 23,000 HUF = 50% discount



By filling out the online application form at the bottom of this page. Please fill out one form per one child for one camp

(one child / one camp = one form)


Application deadline:

No later than two weeks before the start of each camp.

Registrations that arrived earlier through the interest survey will be considered as an advantage.

Registrations will be accepted in the order of arrival, depending on availability of places.


We will issue a proforma invoice upon confirmation of your application. Your registration for the day camp will be finalized by transferring the camp fee by the deadline. If the camp fee doesn’t arrive by the deadline, that place will automatically be freed up and will be offered to another child on the waiting list.


In the case of cancellation, the whole amount of the camp fee will be refunded if the empty place can be filled by someone else. If the place stays unfilled, the remaining fee after the 10,000 HUF deposit will be refunded.




  ’Hour of Code’ Summer Day Camp


  Week: June 16-19, 2020 (4 days)

  Camp Leaders: Ruth Senum & Maggie Green

  Venue: Megyeri Úti Általános Iskola (1044 Budapest, Megyeri út 20.)

  Ages: finished 1st grade through finished 8th grade




The benefit of algorithmic thinking in everyday life is to be able to simply formulate complex things. Programming develops this kind of thinking. We will spend a week learning more about computer programming with the help of various fun tasks. 


However, we won’t sit in front of the computer all day! The other part of the day will be spent in enrichment activities involving outside games, crafts, and music. Whether you are already a tech-savvy student or have always wanted to learn, everyone is welcome!




Sports Summer Day Camp


Week: June 29-July 3, 2020 - SORRY THIS WEEK IS FULL!!!

Week: July 6-10, 2020

Camp Leaders: Mark Taylor & Esther Taylor

Venue: Krúdy Gyula Angol-Magyar Két Tanítási Nyelvű Általános Iskola 

(1037 Budapest, Gyógyszergyár u. 22-24.)

Ages: lower grades 



If you like to move and enjoy trying lots of different sports and games, then come to the Sports Camp! We will learn to play mainly American sports, and if you happen to know them already, you can further develop your skills to enjoy them even more when we play.

There will be flag football (non-contact American football), kickball, ultimate frisbee, volleyball, basketball, capture the flag, dodgeball, and so much more!




  "Lookout Cookout" Summer Day Camp - SORRY WE'RE FULL !!!


  Week: June 29-July 3, 2020

  Camp Leaders: Carla Liebenberg & Morgan Ware

  Venue: Megyeri Úti Általános Iskola (1044 Budapest, Megyeri út 20.)

  Ages: from children entering Grade 2 to children finishing Grade 7




Calling all Chefs!

Grab your aprons and roll up your sleeves, because you’re invited to come and have some fun with food. Yes, you heard us right: you’re going to cook, eat, play and be creative with all things food. Prepare yourself for taste tests, games, cook-offs, arts and crafts, and so much more.

Get ready to add:

  • a handful of friends
  • 3 cups of fun
  • a pinch of creativity
  • a dash of memories
  • and a spoonful of learning.

So put your culinary thinking caps on for a delightful and exciting cooking camp. See you there!




  Science Summer Day Camp - STILL A FEW PLACES LEFT!


  Week: July 6-10, 2020

  Camp Leaders: Omatee Kim Bachoo & Yaneke Paulay

  Venue: Krúdy Gyula Angol-Magyar Két Tanítási Nyelvű Általános Iskola 

  (1037 Budapest, Gyógyszergyár u. 22-24.)

  Ages:for students finishing second grade through fourth grade





Who doesn't love mixing up crazy concoctions? This summer camp is for all those young 'mad' scientists, who have always wanted to make a volcano explode, create their own slime, and to blow bubbles that are the size of their parents! If this sounds like you, then come join us and become a mad scientist for a week!

Our week-long day camp lets children explore and discover and embark on a variety of science adventures. Our mission is to get children excited about science and at the same time, improve their English language skills. The camp will offer engaging science workshops, hands-on activities and experiments and lots of great summer camp fun.