Bilingual Family Day IS HERE AGAIN!

We would like to invite

children studying in our Bilingual Program and

and their families to


Bilingual Family Day

Saturday, 18 September 2021, 9am-1pm



  • Spend a sunny Saturday morning with your family members,
  • Play with your children,
  • Celebrate with the 84 native English-speaking teachers
  • of the 20-year-old Bilingual Program


on this exceptional

Bilingual Family Day!


The Bilingual Family Day has become a beloved tradition and a great opportunity for nearly 1300 students and their parents to meet our native English-speaking teachers in an informal way at the beginning of the new school year, so parents can have a closer look at how the Bilingual Program operates on regular school days – at this event, through games and outside the school/kindergarten environment.



Stations at the partner institutions of the Bilingual Program

(End Station: KOBUCI Kert, 1033 Budapest, Fő tér 1.)


We put the health of the participating children, teachers and family members first, so we are not setting up the stations in one place,


but rather in the yards or front gardens of our 9 partner institutions,

with 1, 2 or 3 stations per location.



By public transport, car or even by bicycle or scooter - according to each family's choice.


How to participate in the Great Game?

  • The game can be started at any of the 20 stations.
  • At the first station of your choice, each child will receive a Family Day Passport.
  • Children can complete the various tasks of the stations in any order and
  • collect the stamps that
  • at the end station they can exchange for a surprise gift of their choice (subject to availability).
  • Separate tasks await both younger students and older students!
  • Children who complete 7 of the 20 stations will earn a gift.
  • Children who complete 10 of the 20 stations will earn an additional gift.
  • A child who visits a kindergarten, a primary school and a high school station with their family will receive a bonus stamp!
  • A long-distance bonus stamp goes to the students and siblings of SZIA Budakeszi, Újpest Summer Kindergarten, Megyeri Úti Primary School and Európa2000 High School in Zugló.
  • The kindergarten group / school class that collects the most stamps in proportion to their size will receive a special gift. Results will be announced a few days after the event!


The Bilingual Staff Band will be performing a 15-minute show at 10:30, 11:30 and 12:30, so it's worth picking up your gift at these times!

You can find the partner institutions of the Bilingual Program here:


How to register:


Please RSVP through the link sent via e-mail.


We kindly request that families follow social distancing rules at all stations!


The buffet at Kobuci Kert will be open from 11am.

You can use the restrooms at most of the institutions.


Sunny early fall weather for the day has already been ordered : ), because the event can only be held if there’s no rain!


We look forward to seeing our Bilingual families!


Best regards,

The Bilingual Program Team