Bilingual Achievements - Owlypia International Competition

On Thursday and Friday, January 30th and 31st, two teams of 7th and 8th grade students took part in the Local portion of the Owlypia's Intellectual Challenge. This is an international competition, which focuses on the theme of leadership this year. 


Students worked in teams on a variety of challenges. The day started off with a Pen Down Challenge, where each team was provided with a statement. Teams were given one hour, and use of any resources available to craft an essay which revolved around the statement. Our teams worked diligently, and as a result, our 7th grade team won the silver medal in this portion of the competition, combined with the Team Spirit Challenge. Next was the Knowledge Challenge, which consisted of multiple questions regarding Science and Technology, which was the focus for our students. Once again, our teams worked diligently, and as a result, two members of our 8th grade team earned bronze medals in this category. The 3rd member of our 8th grade team and all of the 7th grade team went on to win bronze medals in the knowledge and team spirit categories.


All in all, it was a great experience for our students, not only were they able to meet and get to know other students from different schools and different countries, students from Slovenia and Romania were also at the competition, but they got to show off their knowledge and skills as well. 



Perhaps the best part of the competition was that both of our teams walked away with an incredible experience, and medals as a reflection of their hard work. Both of our teams have also qualified for the Owlypia International challenge, which will be held in Cambridge or Boston.