The core language base in’s English-Hungarian Bilingual program is delivered through co-teaching: during lessons, students get familiar with the English vocabulary along with the Hungarian topic of that lesson. Then, they have a chance to deepen that knowledge base via afternoon tutorials.

However, breaks between lessons are not the only opportunities for natural, casual conversation in English: each year, there are several extracurricular activities and events in which students can participate. Our staff lead fun activities that not only help children further improve their use of English without even realizing it, but also allow them to learn more about the cultures of English-speaking countries.

 Our annual Halloween party has been a fixture in our autumn events calendar for years, and is very popular with the children.

In grades 1-4, students prepare a bilingual performance for the parents every year, either for Mothers’ Day or for the end of the school year.

In Upper Elementary (grades 5-8), students participate in our “House System.” Incoming 5th graders are sorted into four house groups in a ceremony held at Fall Camp, then stay with that house through 8th grade. Each of the four houses has an equal number of students. Throughout the year, students can collect house points for various achievements and activities individually (extra homework, outstanding class participation, helping others, participating in competitions, etc) or in teams (team competitions like the Kickball Cup). The winning house is announced at the House Closing Ceremony at the end of the school year, and the individual student with the most house points is also rewarded then. The winner of the House Cup in the 2013-2014 academic year was the London Lions.

Every season (fall, winter, spring), students in grades 5-8 can participate in an overnight camp.

Our bilingual summer camp is held every year the week after the closing ceremony, from Monday through Friday. We hold separate camps for Lower (grades 1-4) and Upper (grades 5-8) Elementary students, at varying locations. Students from 1st grade and up can attend these camps. Besides the native English staff, the students’ Hungarian teacher is often also present, providing great opportunities for community bonding.

Native English teachers also participate in any other activities organized by the Hungarian teacher, e.g. theater or museum visits, excursions, field trips, and camps.

There is an annual Spelling Bee, a House Quiz, and sports competitions (e.g. Kickball Cup).

Pumpkin carving art 2014:



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Coats of arms (History project)