• telitabotAre you moving to Budapest or back to Budapest soon? Would you like to find the best school for your child?
  • Is your child a native speaker of English or does he or she speak English very well?
  • Is your child a native speaker of Hungarian, or does he or she speak Hungarian well – yet he or she has been attending a monolingual English-language school?
  • How important is it for your child to feel at home on the first day of school because he or she understands, and is understood, effortlessly?
  • How important is it for your child to learn the Hungarian cultural environment (its language, history, and literature) while your family is living in Hungary?

The Bilingual.hu English-Hungarian Bilingual Education Program is a forward-looking education company operating within the frames of the Hungarian governmental education system, in close co-operation with three public primary/middle schools and two state kindergartens in Budapest, Hungary as part of a non-profit education enterprise. Our program features native speakers of English co-teaching with their Hungarian counterparts in a tightly integrated pedagogical system. Most of our teachers are recruited by The Central European Teaching Program as part of an interstate agreement between the USA and Hungary. One of the things that makes our program special is its co-teaching model: similarly to bilingual family models, a native Hungarian speaker and a native English speaker teach lessons together, providing an environment rich in English language and culture five days a week.

You can learn about the basic principles that we find the most important here:


Both the ease with which students arriving from abroad are integrated into the program, and the language skills of students who graduate from our program, demonstrate that for our students, English is not primarily a subject but a natural communication tool. Participants in the program are also provided other opportunities for deepening and broadening their use of English: small group tutorials in the afternoons, as well as seasonal events, extracurricular activities, and camps, all provide further enrichment.

We externally benchmark our program starting in second grade using the Cambridge English Language Assessment exams, aiming to bring our students to CEFR level B2 by the end of eighth grade, and then beyond in our Crossroads Academy high school program.

You can hear from an eighth grader educated in our program starting in kindergarten here:


Please find a detailed description of the Bilingual.hu Program here:


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