Bilingual.hu Green Team Wins 2nd Place in an International Competition

Bilingual-Green-Team-Recycle-Polo-A4-FinalBilingual.hu Green Team Wins 2nd Place in an International Competition!


After eight months of dedication and emptying recycling bins all across Krúdy Gyula Primary School, the Bilingual.hu Green Team’s hard work has paid off. At the start of the year, the team decided to try their luck and enter their school-wide recycling project in an international competition. We are pleased to announce that they recently won 2nd Place in the international Project Polar Bear competition!


The competition is organized each year by Polar Bears International, a nonprofit based in the Western United States. This year, sixteen teams representing six different countries competed. The Bilingual.hu Green Team was the only international team to place.


Processed with VSCO with a6 presetThe goal of the competition is to bring awareness and action into local communities around the world; action that will, in turn, benefit the frozen polar bear habitat by lowering carbon dioxide emissions. That’s exactly what the Green Team had in mind when they partnered with their school to create a recycling system, one that established 35 recycling bins throughout the school grounds and saved over 1,000 bins of paper and plastic from the trash.


Another important aspect of the project was its educational component. In order to maximize their efforts, the students created presentations for every class in the school. The team knew how vital it was for each and every student to understand why recycling is important, how to reduce plastic waste, and how to use the newly established system. This way, the act of recycling became achievable for the entire school community. Further, the upper school students got to observe their peers and support their friends while the lower school students were encouraged by watching the “big kids” talk about recycling and lead by action. All of this work certainly helped to create a community effort supporting the project.

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetJudges from the competition said:

  • “The team did a fantastic job of setting goals and beginning to work towards them. They are extremely enthusiastic and driven students with a knack for creative problem solving.”
  • “The sheer impact of this team’s project is what most impresses me; they went from an no recycling program to over 30 bins in a single school!”

The Bilingual.hu Green Team is mostly compromised of 8.a and 7.a students, with some membership in 6.a and 5.a. The students participating in the project were:


Balázs Bence, Bihari Dávid, Gellér Nóra Dorottya, Hegyi Vilmos, Hodász Zsófia Szonja, Kelen Verona Hanna, Kolos István Gábor, Koperniczky Lilla Mária, Nagygyörgy Marcell, Németh Zselyke, Pham Tue An, Sájer Petra, Simkó Gábor Marcell, Turi Rebeka, Zelenc-Kuma Ádám, Hodász Dániel István, Kálóczy Borbála, Kiss-Pünkösti Adél, Paravyants Artur, Sápi Réka, Süle László Levente, Szabó Norbert, Zab Mátyás Zalán, Szabó Soma, Tátrai Bence, Kolos Anna, Balogh Szonja, and Müller Fanni.


Congratulations to everyone!


PBILogoCenPosThe team and the project was created under the advisement of the students’ Environmental Science teacher, Joe Grassi. The Project Polar Bear competition was lead by the team’s co-coordinator, Ash Merscher, who is a main class teacher in 2a. The team intends to use their winnings to expand the project next year.